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[115] Canada
NAME/ Greg A-(2007/01/13(Sat))


Greetings Chako and Makoto,

Thanks for all the great music over the years, and I hope there is much more to come. The Issin album is terrific, wonderfully packaged. The Outside disc is really "out there"! So far I like the Dark disc the best, but it's all cool.

All the best,
Greg, Toronto, Canada

[118] From Japan
NAME/ chako -(2007/02/05(Mon))


Hello Greg.
Thank you very much for your witting.
I'm sorry to write you late.
It's nice to hear that you enjoy 3CDs.
Thank you for listening to JOJ.
Outside is really "OUTSIDE" (^_^;)....but I enjoy playing & singing.

All the best

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