ISSIN 1988-2006@


total 46songs 2006




1. Leave a temple
2. Wisdom from above
3. Chinese dragon
4. Solitary
5. Person of vision
6. The letter from the heaven
7. Nation which sank
to the sea

8. Four seasons
9. Lie in the palm of your own hands
10. Invulnerably
11. Riddance
12. Say goodbye
13. Lily dyed red

1. Star
2. Blue train
3. Floweret
4. Over
5. Rompish girl
6. Cross your hands
7. I will wait

8. Seashell ornament
9. Snow line
10. Brought to a head
11. Friends in Asia
12. And then
13. Autumnal leaves
14. His favorite book
15. Snow line 2
16. Advance together
17. Thank you

1. Next life | Flag stones
2. Show windows
3. Procession of mourners
4. Stare into the darkness
5. Sequent
6. A man in the moon
7. Reach across
8. Depletion of sensitivity
9. Capability for crisis management
10. So what?

11. Aberrations of youth
12. Row courage
13. Fragments of me 2
14. Zen riddle
15. The window
16. Spiritual echoes

From the dark opening gLeave a templeh to the quiet gI will waith, from the beautiful and melodic
gChinese dragonh to the soft gRompish girlh, from the tension of gSolitaryh to the optimistic
gAdvance togetherh, from gLily dyed redh to gSnow lineh, I feel ISSIN as the essence of JOJfs universe.
ISSIN is a deep and beautiful research in sounds recorded between 1988-2006. The box is divided in
3 discs ?Dark, Light and Outside and inside of it you can find precious information about the releases
during all those years.
ISSIN means gsingleness of mindh as said in the information and is close related to the way JOJ create
theirmusic. Actually itfs whole concept is very important for who will listen to their music.
At the beginning it was hard for me since Ifve always perceived JOJfs music in a very emotional way,
but after the first hearing all the songs found their place in my mind and stayed there, making me
remember of how beautiful ISSIN is. The collection contains everything JOJ is and was, fragments of
moments of happiness and sadness, in a very emotional and surreal way of singing and performing.
And all of those fragments of happiness, sadness, beauty, life and death, and life one more time, after
passing through the listener and leaving a trace in the mind found themselves in ISSIN again.
I feel ISSIN as one of the closest JOJ albums to me along with gMujyoh and gTowards the event horizonh.
I can say that JOJfs music is the only music I feel not only as sound, while listening, but also from the
inside and during all my life. And I thank Chako and Makoto so much for that.

written by Nikifor ( From Bulgaria)