Projekt/PRO00167 CD

Fluff of a Dandelion
Make an Arc through the Air
Flowing Up from the Core of the Mountains
Slow Motion
The Place of Reunion
Village Enveloped in the Mist
The Space Between
Meijyu (Reprise)

total 9songs 2005

MEI-JYU is an ethereal-ritual-ambient collaboration project between the Italian
sound manipulator Stefano Musso (aka Alio Die) and the Japanese duo Jack or Jive
(Chako and Makoto Hattori). On MEI-JYU, introspective ambient music by
Alio Die joins Chako's ethereal-otherwordly vocals on many tracks. The music opens
parallel dimensions and gives support to the dreamy quality of Chako's voice in some
original ways through acoustic zither sounds, improvisations done on the waters
of a brook, or with environmental sounds of bells or radio. Atmospheres of the
tracks vary, but a glowing quality between sounds and voice appears to be
something very original here.
Growing up from the dark ambient sounds (by selected natural field recordings)
and loops, the music flows harmoniously.

The word gMeijyuh derives from the Zen practice. Meijyu resides in onefs palm
and it is like a jewel, a precious stone, a clear crystal. Everyone has Meijyu inside.
People look for shining objects in the outside world.
If we focus on Meijyu with all our might, it will shine through us; Meijyu then teaches
us that man can shine from the inside.

After nearly 15 solo albums a piece, an appreciation for each other's music formed
a natural bond between these artists. On MEI-JYU, songs can be relaxing and
melancholy, dark ambient, multi-dimensional, bucolic, ritual, minimalistic. 
The voice is always inspired and spontaneous; the quality of a sincere prayer opens
to different rooms full of emotions. 
A child-like pure quality sometimes creates a sweet tension, but the unique voice
can also be quite strong and lightly dramatic. The ritual approach to music by these
artists creates something beautiful here, delicate and deep, magic landscapes
for the soul

written by Projekt Darkwave