OPERA - legend of BIWAKO -
low life LP

SCENE 4 (Part 1)

SCENE 4 (Part 2)
SCENE 4 (Part 6)

total 6 songs 2000

You are going to miss this opera if you don't try hearing it just because CHAKO is
not singing.
It's the first LP of JACK OR JIVE and also their first opera.
JACK OR JIVE's song did not have any lyrics expect for "AINU" in album "MUJYO",
but this opera has a script. But they still have the JACK OR JIVE taste,
even if you carefully hear the songs, you can't get the lyrics.

The story proceeds in a slow pace.The audience's own Legend of Biwako is
formed just like reading a picture book with no words.

I guess everybody who hears this album creates their own legend..
This album is limited edition of only 300, from LOW LIFE record in Germany, and
hard to get it, but I hope many people would hear it and have a soak in lake of
By the way, the person who worked as the theatrical designer for the opera
is Inoue Seizo,
who is almost a para-member of JACK OR JIVE. Oh, its too bad I
didn't see the real stage!

There might have been many hardships during the collaboration, but JACK OR JIVE
didn't change
their music, and the output was performed unconstrainedly by the opera
I would like to hear JACK OR JIVE changed like this again.

written by Natsuo