written by Yakamoto

JACK OR JIVE. Its the stringiest band which I know, not only their music,
but the most strange
aspect of them is how they are known to the people.
They released dozens of albums in Germany and France, but in their homeland Japan,
it's hard to believe, but they are hardly known.

I first heard the name of JACK OR JIVE about 6 years ago from an American guy which
I traded CDs.
He told me that there is a great "goth" band called JACK OR JIVE in Germany.
From then, I have been looking for JACK OR JIVE albums, but with no success.
It was until the year 2000 until I found out that JACK OR JIVE was a Japanese band in
a city just 50 kilometers away from my home. No way I could find them in the import
shops! After the several years of desperate quest for the album, I finally got a
chance to hear them. And then,
I had a question raging in my mind; "WHY I DON'T
For those in Europe, it might be hard to believe,
but the only way to buy the JACK OR JIVE CDs in Japan is to buy directly from them.
Otherwise, you must order them from France or Germany. There must be a reason for why
don't get popularity among the Japanese music fans. If their music isn't so good,why
they are accepted
in Europe anyway? In my opinion, the clue to this phenomenon is in how
the most
Japanese listener treats music. For most of the Japanese music fans, music is
of the fashion. You are judged by other people by what kind of music you hear to, just
like you are
judged by what clothes you wear. The kind of music required in this must be
high sense
and cutting edge, and the most important of all, it must be what everybody
If they choose the music by their own decision, relying on their senses, there is
nothing to
sayabout it.But what makes this a problem is that they rely on authority's opinion to
choose their "favorite music".
Now it is clear that why JACK OR JIVE don't get known in Japan.
1 No magazine write about them because no one knows them.

2 No CD shops sell their albums because no magazine writes about them.
3 No one knows about them because they can't buy the CD (back to #1).
This loop looks hopeless but JACK OR JIVE still have a chance to strike back.
They have already made a stronghold in Europe, ready to make a counter attack on Japan.
Remember, most important changes always came from OUTSIDE of Japan.